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~~(11) Dark to Light…Light to Dark.~~

The group passed through the permeable membrane like substance of the gate, but instead of stepping into the opposite side as a unit, the group found themselves separated into teams.

(Fight A)

       “Where do you think everyone else went?” Sailor Solar asked.

She was dismayed, seconds ago she had been holding her lovers hand. Then Lunar’s touch was gone and there was nothing except this strange room, and Sailor Autumn.

Autumn shrugged. “I don’t know but I am sure they are OK.”

The room they were in was large and square; the pair stood in the center area. All around and above them was an open balcony; it was like they were in an elegant courtyard. Above them was no conceivable ceiling there was nothing but blackness like a night sky but with no stars.

       “It’s too quiet here; let’s find a door, and the others.” Solar said with a quiver in her voice.

Autumn nodded and was about to answer her, when a fluttering noise sounded off above them.

Autumn whispered. “Did you hear that?”

       “Yea, it sounded like a bug, a really big bug.” Solar replied.

Autumn nodded. “Or paper rustling, yea. More like paper rustling.”

       “And who says denial is just a river in Egypt.” Solar joked.

The two laughed nervously, but then stopped as the fluttering sounded off again.

Autumn took in a breath. “Let’s find that exit, OK?”

Solar nodded quickly and looked around the room. They were about to move when an object flashed out of the darkness above and flew towards them. It was a six foot tall staff; it landed like a spear in the soft ground between Solar and Autumn. The top of the weapon had glowing silver gray star points with a whitish-blue orb center on it. The star was four pointed with four thinner points behind it; in the center in the orb was a strange symbol.

       “What’s that?!” Sailor Solar exclaimed.

Sailor Autumn grabbed Solar and maneuvered her so they stood back to back. Both Senshi looked around trying to catch sight of the thrower.

Sailor Autumn whispered. “Do you see anything?”

       “No. I wish I had a flare to throw out or something.” Solar whispered back.

Despite her name, her powers were not flame, but solar energy. It was more along the lines of the unseen energy that radiates from the fiery star.

Sailor Autumn nodded. “Yea me too, too bad we didn’t pack flares.”

Autumn’s felt totally helpless since her power was wind based. Suddenly, an errant creak drew their attentions off to the left. There was a flash of gray, and the sound of buzzing started up again. The staff then started to glow brighter; in the center orb a “Sr” appeared and a silvery-white cloud leaked out. As it came in contact with the air it burst into flames. The fire bore down on the Sailor Autumn and Solar.

       “Watch out!!” Solar cried and pushed off of Autumn.

Sailor Autumn dove and rolled until she was a safe distance; across the way Solar dashed away from the fire. The two made a wide angle out of the range of the fire, and met under the lower part of the arena.

Autumn panted. “Well, we got the fire we asked for.”

       “Not quite what I had in mind.” Solar gasped.

Just then the fire stopped; the buzzing noise started up again, and a wind touched both of them. Autumn and Solar looked to where the rod stood; landing beside it was another senshi. This senshi was wearing a silver gray corset dress; it had a wide whitish-blue ribbon lacing up the corset. Her sailor collar was smaller and whitish-blue; she had silver gray lace up armbands on her upper arms, and whitish-blue calf length lace up combat boots. She looked like a pale angel, but with fluttering dragonfly wings on her back.

Autumn looked her up and down. “She looks like Gandalf.”

       “Or Legolas.” Solar nodded at the “Lord of the Rings” reference.

The winged senshi had whitish-blue long hair and silver gray eyes. She wrapped her left hand around her staff, and pulled it out of the ground.

Sailor Autumn demanded. “Who are you?!”

Solar and Autumn both adopted a defensive stance. The person before them was a sailor senshi, but it was obvious that this person was attacking them. The other senshi did not answer, but instead she twirled her staff and planted it in front of her. The orb in the center changed color and glowed silvery. The symbol in it changed to “Hg”, and the girl lifted the staff and swung it. A glowing silvery liquid flashed out from the weapon; the glowing globs grew as they shot through the air towards Solar and Autumn.

       “Watch out!!” Solar hollered.

Sailor Autumn leapt into the air and performed a mix of aerial flips over the spray.

As she twisted in the air she called her weapon. “Fall Scyth!!”

As she descended, a golden bladed scythe with a long black handle appeared in her hand. When she landed, she twirled the sickle as she did so wind gathered upon the blade. Sailor Solar leapt back, as she rose into the air her weapon materialized in her grip. She landed on the first story balcony; she teetered on the railing.

The silvery globs landed on the ground with out hitting anyone, they beaded up looking like little ball bearings, and then they quickly disappeared. Sailor Autumn watched this, and then stopped twirling her scyth.

She then moved forward. “Wind of Admonishment!”

A wind picked up around her propelling her forward; it added speed onto her forward motion. She brought her scyth back and swung it around at the winged senshi. The fair senshi brought her staff up and caught the blow from Sailor Autumn. There was a loud clanging noise as the two weapons met, Autumn’s speed picked up the other girl forcing her back. The girl spread her wings and rose up into the air; bringing Autumn with her since the sickle blade was hooked on the rod. Autumn jerked her blade before she was taken too high, and she dropped to the ground. The other senshi was flying now, and being a very good moving target.

       “Please let my aim be on track.” Solar begged of herself.

She brought her hands up and created a bow and arrow out of light. She opened her eyes and aimed the weapon at the flying senshi.

       “Sunlight Piercer!” She shouted.

She fired off a few energy arrows; she knew that too many would drain her energy. The arrows sped towards the senshi; the first one missed, the second was dodged, but the third hit shredding one of the girl’s wings.

Autumn smiled. “Nice shot!!”

Sailor Solar flashed her ally a thumbs up; she then jumped off the railing, and landed in a crouch. She stood and headed back to Autumn’s side. They watched as the enemy touched down, and brought her staff around. The orb turned dull gray, and the symbol changed to “Pb”. A dull gray cloud of particulate matter expanded out from the staff.

       “Sol Flash!” Solar called out.

A glowing white aura encompassed her and Autumn; the matter from the senshi passed over them, with out harming them.

       “I don’t know what her power is, but I have a feeling it’s not good.” Solar exclaimed.

Sailor Autumn thought. “That power with the silver stuff; I think that it was mercury.”

       “Mercury?” Solar said.

Autumn nodded. “Yea, like the metal. Let see the symbols were; Sr, Hg, and Pb.”

       “Oh, Pb that’s lead.” Solar said.

Autumn nodded. “Are you sure? Hg is the elemental sign for mercury; I don’t know what Sr is. I do know that lead and mercury are bad for you.”

       “In other words continue to avoid her powers.” Solar completed.

The protective glow from Solar dimmed and went out; the pair once again was back on guard.

       “So we’re dealing with a Senshi who throws out metal poisons.” Solar added on.

Autumn nodded. “In order to get out of here, we’ll have to stay alive, and beat this girl.”

       “If we get her staff away from her; maybe we can wrap this up.” Solar said.

All other plans were dashed as the other senshi came at them, the charge was a surprise. The girl swung her rod around and took Solar’s legs out from under her.

       “Gah!” Solar cried out as she hit the ground.

The pale senshi brought her staff up to clip Sailor Autumn on the side of the head. Autumn met the attack haphazardly; the blade of her scyth caught the girl’s rod in the center. Autumn pushed down while the other girl resisted; suddenly the girl spread her wings. Autumn could see the pain in the other girl’s eyes as she was lifted into the air. Solar started to rise; when the pale girl kicked her in the face knocking her down again. The girl started to spin in a tight circle; the pair spun until the momentum unhooked their weapons. Autumn was hurled across the room; she hit the balcony railing, and fell to the ground.

She slowly stood up; her eyes were rotating swirls. “Ugh, I don’t feel…”

Autumn quickly looked around then doubled over and threw up. Solar rolled back and got up; blood trickled out of her nose.

       “I think you broke my nose!” Solar exclaimed. “Autumn are you ok?”

The pale senshi landed between Solar and Autumn; she made no moves towards either of them.

Autumn finished tossing her cookies; she wiped her mouth, and frowned. “I have had enough of this!”

Autumn picked up her scyth and slammed the blade into the ground. “TWILIGHT SOUL HARVEST!!”

The echo from her shout abruptly vanished, as a red glow silhouetted her. The crimson radiance looks like the light from a setting autumn sun. Suddenly, mists colored red and burnt orange rise out of the ground beneath Sailor Autumn and the pale senshi. The haze makes ghostly shapes and surrounds the enemy senshi. The girl backs up but the phantom vapor still envelops her; it enters her body through her pores, and the wound around her wing.

       “Wow, what was that about?” Solar exclaimed.

Autumn shook her head. “She soon won’t be a problem any more.”

Autumn explained that the power worked to stop all life functions. As if on cue, the girl started to stumble and blood stated to trickle out of her nose. Her light hair started to get stained red as more blood leaked out of her ears.

       “I’m not sure about this; I didn’t want to kill her.” Solar asked grimacing.

Autumn’s face was a stony mask. “It had to be done; it was either us or her.”

       “Yea but what if she’s really a good guy, you know like she’s being controlled.” Solar pleaded.

Autumn had thought of that, but she felt the situation was dire enough to warrant this final action.

       “Can you stop it?” Solar said and touched Autumn’s arm.

Autumn shook her head. “It’s the work of the phantoms in the wind. They will continue until…”

There was no need to finish; they watched as the enemy senshi’s light uniform was getting stained with red. She was shaking all over; as her internal organs one my one ceased to function. She fell to her knees; leaning heavily on her staff.

       “I don’t have any healing powers; do you?” Solar asked.

The blonde senshi turned away; it was sick to just stand and watch. Autumn shook her head once more; she did not have any healing abilities either. She averted her eyes too; seeing the other girl deteriorate was making her ill.

Autumn shuddered and thought. “Did I do the right thing?”

The pale senshi pulled herself to her feet. The orb in the center of her staff glowed; the symbol “Sb” appeared in the center. A blue-white shine bled into the thinner star points; the girl swung her staff out, and the spike like points flew off. The barbs sailed through the air at Solar and Autumn.

Autumn spotted the movement out of the corner of her eye. “Incoming!!”

The two moved as the needles hit the ground around their feet. Solar hissed as she jumped from side to side. Autumn followed suit avoiding the spikes. When they were safe, the two stopped. The pale bloody senshi had fallen; a pool of crimson was growing around her.

Autumn kneeled at Solar’s side. “Are you alright?”

       “Yea, I just got hit.” She said as she pulled the barb out of her calf.

Autumn checked the wound; it wasn’t too deep, but it was bleeding a lot. She applied some pressure to the wound; Solar took off her glove and used it as a bandage. There was an odd noise that sounded off around the room; Autumn and Solar looked up, and the enemy was gone. All that remained was the blood stain on the ground where she once had laid.

Autumn sighed. “She’s gone.”

       “How?! I mean how could she have gotten up? Where do you think she went?” Solar asked.

Autumn shrugged. “I don’t know, but look.”

Autumn pointed at a rectangle of light; a door had formed.

       “A way out; we can find the others now!” Solar exclaimed.

There was nothing more they could do, so the pair left through the door.
Fanfiction- Evil Within. Chapter 11A
I don’t own anything or anyone associated with Bishoujo Sailor Moon manga or the animated series.

I also do not own several of the characters named within these chapters, but I got their permission to use them in this story.

I created --->

Alexander Lee AKA Valentino Paladin
Ai Lee AKA Sailor Love
Lord Rahu
Yasashii Shinzo AKA Sailor Heavy Metal
Kali Angel Sauda.

I hope you enjoy the tale.
~~(10) Those who watch.~~

The sound of moist latex sounded out in the dimness; Lord Rahu peeled off his gloved since had just finished up. As the soldier team came to his barrier, a smile played on his lips. He knew they would come, they had to, and they really had no other alternative. The stage had been set, the prey had been led here, and now all the pieces were falling into place.

       “Seems like our guests have arrived, ladies please be so kind to meet our guests.” Lord Rahu commanded

The shadows behind him stirred and then came to rest as his companions left to carry out his wishes. He had been monitoring their movements ever since they passed into the cavern he carved out to the surface. It was not hard their minds, bodies, and souls were like a loud speaker of sensations, plus some of them had all the subtly of a train wreck. This was a most important experiment for both his side and theirs. Whoever would survive in the end would decide the fate of the universe. To him, win or lose, the data from this would be invaluable.

       “Step into my parlor, ladies and gentlemen.” Rahu chuckled.

He really did not see them as people, more like subjects, spare parts, and guinea pigs. The cold energy of the room seemed to embrace him as he moved to watch the plan unfold.
Fanfiction- Evil Within. Chapter 10
Chapter 11A -->…

I don’t own anything or anyone associated with Bishoujo Sailor Moon manga or the animated series.

I also do not own several of the characters named within these chapters, but I got their permission to use them in this story.

I created --->

Alexander Lee AKA Valentino Paladin
Ai Lee AKA Sailor Love
Lord Rahu
Yasashii Shinzo
Kali Angel Sauda.

I hope you enjoy the tale.
~~(9) Hell awaits the Travelers.~~

The palace of the Dark Kingdom was a formidable dark structure built into the side of a dormant volcano. Ice had grown thickly over the tall columns and stone walls. No doubt back when the cold reaches of the earth were tropical paradise, the palace must have been a truly grand place. It was suspected that this palace was home once to Lady Beryl back in the days of the golden kingdom. Beryl was a refined youth who was in love with Prince Endymion; when he fell in love with Princess Usagi, Beryl froze her heart and sold her soul. It was like the palace and surrounding lands mirrored this terrible history, it was a sad past.

Sailor Ai shivered. “Oniisan, I don’t like this place.”

       “There is a lot of sadness and evil still recorded on this place.” Sailor Eternity signed.

Vulcan Knight nodded. “Whoever said the walls doesn’t have ears; has never lived around a tragic kingdom.”

       “Yes we get it! This place is depressing; can we just find a way in now?!” Sailor Kanto grumbled.

Bane nodded. “Yea, it’s freezing out here!”

Sailor Diadem tapped Bane’s hood. “What makes you think it’ll be warmer in the abandoned palace?”

Despite the burial in ice that the castle had received over a huge span of time, there was a double door sized opening through the frost.

       “Looks like we’re expected.” Valentino Paladin said.

Charon stepped forward. “Yea and the welcome mat has been laid out.”

As a group, everyone ascended the icy stairs and entered the palace ruins. The inside was very dark, as if light was not allowed to venture within. Vulcan Knight, Sailor Eternity, and Sailor Lunar turned on their flashlights; the thick beams sliced through the inky blackness.

Sailor Solar spoke up. “Guess we should split up and look around.”

       “We won’t have to look too far.” Sailor Eternity piped up. “Look there.”

The tall Senshi shined her light across the grand entry way; the shaft of light fell on a large circular hole in the wall. It resembled the hole Lord Rahu used to enter into the war room. Eternity, Charon, and Lunar moved closer to the opening, the ground slanted downward, but not too sharply.

       “Off we go into the great unknown, I guess.” Valentino Paladin said.

After a deep breath and a few calming thoughts, the group started down the pathway. The tunnel was dreadfully dark, and as they descended deeper and deeper the frigid cold soon started to dissipate. Several hours into their journey they stopped to eat; the lunch boxes contained several food choices. When the meal was over they continued on deeper into the pathway, eventually thick outer wear was shed as the warmth in the tunnel climbed.

       “Hope this rabbit hole holds; drat it’s like an oven in here!” Bane exclaimed as the temperatures climbed into the high nineties.

The hotter the cavern got the more supplies they left behind; soon they only carried their flashlights. Sweat oozed and in some cases poured off their skin, but no where in their supplies where personal coolers.

       “Are we there yet?” Sailor Elemental huffed.

Vulcan Knight shrugged. “I don’t know; the GPS stopped working about 500 feet ago.”

       “There is probably interference from the magnetic minerals down here, and we’re too deep in the ground for satellite tracking.” Paladin supplied.

Diadem huffed. “Thank you mister happy, so I guess it means we’re on our own.”

       “Hey guys, I think were close.” Sailor Charon pointed to a torch hanging on the wall.

Sailor Ai whimpered. “I’m hot, I don’t like this place.”

Ai had been silent since lunch; she had fallen asleep once the temperatures started to rise. Now the intense heat and the chatter had woken her up, she shifted in Valentino Paladin’s arms.  

Sailor Autumn suddenly raised her finger to her lips; before anyone could react she pointed forward. Blocking their way and further was a smooth black surface not unlike a wall.

Sailor Elemental looked at it. “Whoa! What’s that?”

       “Who in the world would build a wall all the way down here?!” Sailor Kanto huffed.

Bane grumbled. “Probably the GUY who challenged us, now let’s stop jaw jacking and let’s blow the bad guy up!”

       “Calm down mighty mouse.” Sailor Diadem said. “First this obstruction, then we deal with the enemy.”

Bane took out his bow. “Mighty who?”

He started to reach for an arrow, no wall was going to stand in his way of making things go boom.

       “What are you doing?” Sailor Solar asked.

Bane smirked. “Time to make that barrier go bye-bye and I got the wrecking ball, right here.”

Sailor Lunar shook her head. “Good idea, while you’re at it why not just cause a cave in and kill us all?! Oh wait, that’s what you’ll probably do with your sick obsession with explosions!”

         “Calm down gorgeous, we need to think right now.” Solar said leaning her head on Lunar’s shoulder.

Vulcan nodded. “Right we need to think of a way to get beyond this barricade.”

       “You know what, depending on how deep we are, I don’t think this is a wall at all.” Sailor Eternity suddenly said.

Valentino Paladin nodded. “I was thinking the same thing.”

       “What do you guys mean?” Sailor Autumn asked.

Valentino stood down to let Eternity speak, but she decided to let him be the teacher.

He cleared his throat. “Well latest report from the sciences is that in the center of the Earth is a metallic sphere. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with the magnetic flow and the planet’s rotation.”

       “It’s a big metal marble, so what!” Kanto replied.

Elemental spoke up. “I think it means that we can’t blow it up.”

       “Oooooh it’s like all mushy.” Ai giggled. “Hand goes in, hand comes out, and hand goes in.”

Everyone turned to look at her; the blonde had her hand on the dark object. Instead of her palm resting on the structure, it had disappeared into it. Despite Ai’s silly laugh, Paladin grabbed her and pulled her away from the wall.

       “Whaaat?? It doesn’t hurt; it’s funny.” Ai said.

Sailor Eternity placed her palm next to the dark surface, and then pushed her hand into the inkiness. She brought it back out; and looked at her skin.

Sailor Lunar came up behind her. “So what’s the verdict?”

       “She’s right, it doesn’t hurt. We’ll have to pass through it to get to our destination.” Eternity answered.

Bane moved forward. “Well then let’s move it like a U-Haul!”

       “Right I’m with shorty! Let’s make like a bread truck and haul buns!” Kanto seconded.

Vulcan Knight maneuvered in front of them. “We’ll go as a group since we don’t know what’s on the other side.”

       “So we should be prepared for anything right?” Solar said with a worried voice.

Lunar nodded and held out her hand to Solar. “Right.”

Solar took her girlfriend’s hand into hers as they stepped closer to the obstacle. The cavern was wide enough so that no one stepped through the gateway alone. There were no ripples as the Senshi team passed through the doorway.
Fanfiction- Evil Within. Chapter 9
Chapter 10 --->…

I don’t own anything or anyone associated with Bishoujo Sailor Moon manga or the animated series.
I also do not own several of the characters named within these chapters, but I got their permission to use them in this story.

I created --->

Alexander Lee AKA Valentino Paladin
Ai Lee AKA Sailor Love
Lord Rahu
Yasashii Shinzo
Kali Angel Sauda.

I hope you enjoy the tale.
~~(8) Arctic chill.~~

       In a blink the Senshi were circumventing time and space; their trip took only minutes. The wind blew fiercely in the Arctic, as the circle of Senshi appeared on the snowy plains.

       “ARRRRGH cold!!” Sailor Elemental squealed.

Everyone released each other hands, and held themselves against the bitter cold. They dug into the survival packs and put on coats and snow suits. They knew which ones were for whom because they had their names and specific colors on them.

Sailor Kanto grumbled as she put on a parka. “Short skirts for warriors what a crock!”

       “It just makes us the stronger ones; it’s like rugby verses American style football. The footballers think they are tough, but they are wearing pads.” Diadem said simply as she flipped the hood over her head.

Once everyone was bundled they started off, Gabriel held the GPS locator and used it to point them in the right direction. Descending down into the chasm the group lashed themselves to one another as they walked along the narrow icy trail.

       “Why don’t we just jump?!” Bane asked as he slipped for the fourth time.

Sailor Eternity looked back at him. “Because we don’t know what is down there.”

       “I’m with the kid; lets jump this is taking too long.”  Sailor Kanto growled.

Artemis sighed. “You jump, go ahead break your legs when you hit the bottom.”

       “Can we just quiet down and walk; we don’t want to trigger an avalanche, and also we don’t want to get on each others nerves too much.” Valentino Paladin said.

Sailor Eternity nodded. “Good idea lets keep the noise down at a dull roar.”

       “Yes Mom, OK Dad!”  Bane, Love, and Kanto said in unison.

Sailor Eternity rolled her eyes, and Valentino Paladin shook his head. From then on everyone was pretty much silent except for occasional sneeze, cough, or snicker. Vulcan Knight led everyone down the ice path; it got steep in some places where there was a curve around a bend. Valentino Paladin took up the rear acting was sort of the anchor when ever anyone slipped or fell a bit. They shuffled closer to a left bend when Bane and Kanto started to have a slight shoving match. They two had been whispering slightly; and their argument had escalated. A single sharp shove sent Bane into Love, who fell and proceeded to knock Diadem’s feet out from under her. This caused a domino effect that sent the crew falling and sliding down the twisty icy slope.

       “AAAAHHHH!!!” Sailor Elemental shrieked.

Vulcan Knight dug his heels in trying to stop or at least steer. “Whoaaa!!”

       “ONIISAN!!!” Sailor Love screamed.

Sailor Solar clung onto Sailor Lunar. “Someone stop this crazy ride!”

       “Get closer everyone! We’ll have to steer like a bobsled team!” Sailor Lunar yelled.

Sailor Kanto and Bane raised their arms. “WHOO-HOO!!! FASTER! FASTER!”

       “Will you two STOP it, sheesh! Now help keep us from crashing to the walls!” Sailor Diadem growled.

The group got close together, and leaned whenever a tight turn came up. Their training had made their reflexes more acute, and soon they reached the bottom of the canyon.

       “How do we stop?!” Sailor Autumn yelled.

Vulcan Knight and Valentino Paladin shouted. “Dig in!!”

The group dug their heels in trying to slow their speed since a wall was quickly rising up in front of them. They turned sideways and whipped around; this loosened their tight formation, so that some of them fell on their sides.

       “GAH!!!” Sailor Charon exclaimed.

Still lashed together, they all hit a slight incline that acted like a jump. The combined speed and bump sent them into the air. Once in the air the knights in their heavier gear quickly pulled everyone down into a patch of softer ice. They landed in the slushy mound with sequential plopping noises. Sailors Autumn, Kanto, Lunar, and Elemental landed head first in the snow with their legs in the air. Valentino Paladin shielding Sailor Love, and Vulcan Knight hit the hard ice on their sides and slid into the mount up to their chests. Planted feet first into the slush like flowers were Sailor Solar, Diadem, Eternity, Bane and Charon. They sank into the snow up to their chests, except for Bane who sunk in up to his neck. No one moved for a few minutes, and everyone’s eyes had swirls in them.

It took them about an hour to dig each other out. Sailor Solar and Vulcan Knight tried to help by melting the ice with their power. The subzero cold caused the snow to freeze fast creating hard ice.

Solar shook her head. “Sorry, I thought it would help.”

       “N…n…n…no p…p…problem.” Valentino Paladin struggled to say.

The group chipped away at the smooth ice incasing him, Bane, and Elemental.

Bane’s teeth chattered. “G…g…get m…m…me o…o…out of th…th…this i…i…ice!”

Once everyone was free and semi warm they all moved on. They trekked through the ice canyon soon coming upon the remains of an ancient palace.
Fanfiction- Evil Within. Chapter 8
Chapter 9 --->…


I don’t own anything or anyone associated with Bishoujo Sailor Moon manga or the animated series.
I also do not own several of the characters named within these chapters, but I got their permission to use them in this story.

I created --->

Alexander Lee AKA Valentino Paladin
Ai Lee AKA Sailor Love
Lord Rahu
Yasashii Shinzo
Kali Angel Sauda.

I hope you enjoy the tale.
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You find Usagi's Brooch(the manga version) on the ground, you can feel the pure energy radiating off it. What do you do? 

9 deviants said Head to the nearest empty area and call out MOON PRISM POWER! Then give it back.
3 deviants said Nope, finders keepers and all.
2 deviants said Find her right away and return it...DUH!
1 deviant said Other (comment)
No deviants said Return later...yea later.


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Looks like you're the one behind Magical Girls Club. And obviously in love with magical girls.

So am I! So much that I've made my own series!
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Heh, thanks! You shod check it out one day! Galia-and-kitty actually made the cover for the first volume. You probably saw it before.
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