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      The ebony haired royal impacted with the ground leaving a sizable scorched crater in her wake; her chariot would remain in the basin until she was ready for it. The area would be to hot and harsh for any human to wander too close. The Martian Princess looked around for any signs of life; she sighed in relief when she saw none. One of the earlier times she had come to Earth her landing had caused a volcano to form and spew out hot death to the people nearby. It had been a mistake, but she was younger then and full of stress and worry over the wary Moon Princess. She cupped her hands and a flame sparked to life in her palms; she gazed into it letting it show her where the Princess had run off. In her mind a picture formed showing her lush verdant hills; atop the tallest one, and among the waving grass sat the blond Moon Princess.

      “From here to there; where shall I go, which way? Guide me with your light.” Mars huffed out a breath.

The flame started to dance, and then became an arrow; the Princess formed a blazing blow, and shot the arrow into the sky. It rose straight up and then arched to the East leaving a glowing streak behind it. Mars smiled and started on her journey; following the trail that would lead to her quarry. The Princess was envious of the Moon Princess, who she could tell was totally enamored with the Earth Prince, but she was also angry at her for letting her feeling guide her into making stupid choices. The people of Mars were spiritually strong, fiercely loyal, and mighty in their independence. Becoming part of the Moon Princess’s court was a favor to her Mother; Queen Phanes, and she would abide by her promise to protect.  Now that the Moon Princess was running away more constantly, the Martian Princess was feeling a little insulted, the slightly taller and older royal was a Princess too.

      “She thinks of no one but herself!” Princess Mars thought. “I’d love to be back home, I miss Enyo and Eris.” She said aloud to no one.

She and her twin sisters had spent many hours practicing, learning, playing, and just having fun. She missed her strong people, and her parents. Most of all she missed Chryse, Timor, and Metus; the moment they had met they had instantly bonded. If she were more immature like Princess Serenity she would leave the Moon in her chariot and go home, but she was responsible and not a silly spoiled child. She was getting worked up again; she stopped and placed her head in her palms. She rubbed her brow and eyes trying to calm herself down since she did not want to cause any more damage to this world. She heaved a sigh and sat down; she held out her hands and manifested another flame. She stared into the glow and meditated; the otherworldly conflagration flickered golden, red, purple, and yellow. She smiled and rose she felt calm once again; she smiled and let the fire wrap around her arm.

A shout then shattered her whimsy. “MAIDEN!!!”

She instantly focused and saw a man with short fair hair charging at her; he was not holding a weapon so she simply spun away from him. She moved behind him and a serpent made of fire appeared around her.

He was agile too; he did not fall or stumble as he flew passed her. He then turned and halted in his tracks. He stared at the magnificent serpent; and then at ravaging beauty in the center of the fiery coils.

He was in awe. “Glorious.”

She was about to ask him his intentions when more shouting voices sounded off nearby.

      “GET BACK HERE YOU THIEF!! I’LL TEACH YOU TO TRICK ME!!!” It was an angry man.

      “Who are you?!” She snapped at him.

He snapped to attention. “Lord Jadeite Commander of the Far East regions!!”

      “What’s going on here?!” She snapped again.

He quickly answered her. “A harmless little prank?”

Her powers were wasted on this immature man, who reminded her so much of the Moon royal, she banished her flames and started to turn away.

Just then the gang of angry men came upon them. “Got you now you little PEST! You may be some all mighty leader, but to me you’re still just a little koi in a BIG pool!” The biggest one of them sneered.

Princess Mars nearly passed out from the man’s foul breath; they all were obviously drunk, and itching for a fight. She wanted no part of Lord Jadeite and whatever trouble he had gotten himself into; she started to leave again.

The big guy grabbed her arm. “Maybe I’ll get my money back by taking it out of your little concubine here!!” He laughed. “Maybe we’ll all get a turn, and be square with what you stole from us!”

       “HOW DARE YOU!!!” She growled. “MARS POWER IGNITE!!!” She roared.

In a flash her warriors’ uniform appeared, her eyes were a glow with the flames of her ire.

      “I am PRINCESS AERIA of Phobos and Deimos Castle!!” She shouted at them as flames rose up all around her.

The men coward and whimpered in fear, a few of them even soiled themselves. The higher her flames rose, the more panicky they became. Deciding to cut their losses; the men turned and ran away from her screaming at the tops of their lungs.

      “FIRE BIRD!” She commanded as a great bird made of flames appeared and chased after the men.

Internally she took great joy in seeing the gangs fear and terror; Timor and Metus would be proud of her, they had taught her well.

She then turned on the cause of all this. “YOU!!” she pointed at him.

To her surprise he had not run off; instead he was kneeling at her feet despite her fire. “I apologize if I have caused you great trouble. Please allow me to serve you; to make up for the strife that I have caused you, fair lady.”

In second her fuku vanished and was replaced by her traveling clothes.

      “You can serve me by staying away from me!” she grumbled at him.

Once again she continued on her way, to her annoyance he was following her. She stopped and turned on him; ready to knock him out.

He raised his hands. “I fear I cannot obey since we are on the same mission.”

      “Explain yourself!” She ordered him.

He nodded with a coy smile. “You see I know why you are here fire maiden; you have come to collect your wayward charge. I too have been tasked with retrieving our wandering Master, seems we are both no more than glorious wet nurses sent to find our wild youths.”  

Princess Aeria only sighed in response; her anger passed replaced by slight amusement and inner defeat.

He cocked his head to the right, and smiled again. “Perhaps we can find our Masters together, and in that time you can think of a way I may serve you.”

      “OH very well.” Aeria thought the man was a little brash, but he had a nice smile.

As the pair walked, they talked of many common subjects, and found that they had much in common. At least Aeria no longer wanted to set him ablaze, so she could watch him scream and run in pain.
Mars's Burning Passion
Troubles find Princess Mars when she has to search for the younger Moon Princess.

I thought it annoying that the Moon Princess and Queen have names, but everyone else has planetary titles. Yes I realize Sailor Moon is about Sailor MOON, but even Sailor V only referred to her as Princess Venus and threw in a sliver of mythology. So long ago I planned on telling the Planetary Princess's stories before they came to serve the Silver Millennium. I had names for them, their parents, siblings, and suitors. AND then I lost it...(it is somewhere in my keep; where I do not know YET) So today I made a new on in hopes that according to Murphy's Law the old one will manifest magically. LOL...

Anyway here it is...

Sailor Mars AKA Princess Aeria and Jadeite are not mine and you know it!

Aeria is a warrior Epithet
Timor and Metus are the Roman names for Phobos and Deimos who are the personification of Fear and Terror & Chryse is another consort of Ares. Figured the Planetary Princess live long live...why not have several suitors.
Enyo(Discord) and Eris(Strife) are siblings of Mars(Ares) in Myths
Symbols of Mars(Ares) Chariot, Dog, Crows, Boar.

Queen Phanes is the primordial goddess of Appearence
King Orphion is the primordial god of Life
      The Mercurian Princess was not happy at all with the Moon Princess’s progress or actions. The fair haired royal was not learning anything she was being taught nor was she acting like a proper young royal. Her insistence on repeatedly returning to Earth was troublesome for everyone who was charged with protecting and guiding her. The people of Mercury were super intelligent and cool headed; all the other planets were filled with intelligent inhabitants, but the Earth not so much. Mercury had no love for the Planet, at all; the people were sub-standard in smarts, and those who did show higher mental powers where often mocked, and killed. The blue haired princess had a feeling that the Moon Princess’s intellect was dropping due to side effects from prolonged visits to the Earth. Her Mother Queen Nesoi had been preforming tests on the Earth for centuries to see if that hypothesis held any truth.  
      A fluttering of wings marked the arrival of the Princess of Mercury to the green and blue planet; she looked down at her beautiful talaria whose wings could take her everywhere in the cosmos. The Planetary Princesses each had their own mode of transportation or they could soldier up and teleport in glorious show of lights and energy, or they could use a combo of both. Teleportation was awful flashy and it had been her suggestion not to use it to descend to Earth to catch the Moon Princess this time they would need surprise and cunning. As they had entered the upper atmosphere they had split up to cover more ground. Looking around blindly in this strange part of the world was not her plan at all; like all people of her planet she could find anyone and anything by water dowsing. Soon she found a rushing river and with a graceful leap she landed on a large stone in the center of the river. She placed her feet in the water and closed her eyes; she tried to concentrate on the Moon Princess but the water on this planet was never pure. She felt sick from all the waste the humans had callously dumped into the water; the way the humans disrespected their home world was disgusting. She tried to calm herself down so she could use her ability properly, but between the ill feeling of the water, and her frustration over the actions of the younger Moon Royal she could not focus. She then held out her hands and a small stream of water rose from the river, it curved around her hands. As the water was purified it started to glow, and harden into ice. The glacial ice took the form of a delicate lyre whose rime strings sparkled; Princess Mercury’s slender fingers caressed the strings, and soon a harmonious song like no other filled the air. The traditional Mercurian melody soothed her mind; she thought of her loved ones back on Mercury. She missed debating with, swimming with, and playing with Merope, Dryope, and Peitho and everyone in Mariner Castle. The more she thought of home the more focused she became; she began to dowse again as she played, and her energy flowed into the river purifying the water as she searched the planet for the errant Moon Child. The waters danced and glowed all around her; illuminated bubbles rose up and filled the air with cool vapors of primordial ice.
      Soon she located the blond Princess and she stopped dowsing; she rose and prepared to take flight again when something hard struck her on the side of her body. On the shore people had gathered some held fiery torches, and others held sharp weapons. Mercury could see into their hearts; they were scared of her, and they thought she was evil even though she had done nothing to them. Their dialects were rough and elementary but Princess Mercury could understand many languages from all over the Sol System. They called her a witch, accused her of poisoning the river with her evil magic, and even said she was enchanting their men folk so she could ravage them and then eat them. Their plan was to catch her; torture her, and then kill her so that her evil would be gone.  These simple people were not worth her time or effort; once again she prepared to leave when flaming arrows flew towards her from several directions.

      “MERCURY POWER!” In a blast of blue and white energy she transformed to her warrior guise.

She then spun around on the rock and lifted her arms up over her head.

      “SHINE SNOW ILLUSION!!!” she called out and sent a storm of snow, ice, and chilled water all around her.

The power extinguished the flames and froze the arrows solid; some of the mob fled but others remained and readied another assault. Just then a flurry of pink flower petals rose up and whirled around the remaining pack of attackers. This new element of unknown origins was enough to send them running to the hills. Sailor Mercury sighed and leapt to shore; she picked up one of the flower petals, and let it fall intro her palm. In a watery flash her senshi form was gone and she was left to ponder the pink petal in her palm. She was shocked to find out it was not a flower petal but a very thin piece of pink gem stone.

A male voice spoke to her. “Pretty pieces of jewels, aren’t they?”

Princess Mercury looked up to see a young man with long hair standing before her; fog rose off her palms as she prepared for another attack.

The man then bowed. “Forgive my rudeness; I am Zoisite commander of the European regions, and loyal protector of Prince Endymion of the Golden Kingdom.”

      “You are looking for the Prince?” She asked.

Zoisite nodded. “He missed today’s lesson, along with other things, so we figured he had run off to be with the Lady of the Moon.”

Mercury nodded since their stories were nearly the same.

      “I know where they are; it is not far from here.” She said confidently.

Zoisite nodded and let himself be led by this extraordinary person; he had been entranced by her music. He had never met anyone like her; she was not mousy like most of the ladies here and in court. She carried herself with courage and confidence; there was something else about her too, a sparkle in her glacier blue eyes that contained the knowledge of the ages.

Zoisite cleared his throat. “What pray tell do I call you dear lady?”

      “I am the Princess of the Planet Mercury.” She said without looking back at him.

He chuckled at her. “Your title speaks volumes my lady, but is there a shorter moniker that I may call you by, like perhaps your true name?” He inquired.

      “On my Planet, and in my Queendom, one has to prove themselves worthy to gain that type of knowledge.”  She replied simply.

Zoisite stopped and placed his slender fingers on his cheek. “Then perhaps a test of intellect is required, or perhaps a test of luck? “

      “Luck? That does not seem very logical.” The Princess said as she stopped and turned to look at him.

A cunning smile formed on Zoi’s lips. “Logical or not, say if I guess your name, you will owe me a kiss.”

What a rogue this effeminate man was, but what did she have to lose, there was no way he would know her real name.

      “Very well then, I agree to your terms, and if you guess wrong I will freeze your tongue off.” She said with her own sly grin.

He laughed heartily. “Well then I best not be wrong.”

The General paced back and forth a bit, looking at her, then at the sky, then at the river, and finally back at her.

He then spoke. “You are Princess Sarama of Mariner Castle Daughter of King Hydros and Queen Nesoi.”

She was shocked, there was no way he could have known or learned that anywhere on Earth. Zoisite the Heavenly King of the European region seeing the bluenette’s shock took the advantage and placed a kiss upon her lovely lips, thankfully the powerful Princess did not attack him.
At that point a cool shiver ran through both of them as their lips touched, it was energizing and invigorating.

Before he backed away from her, he couldn’t resist telling her his secret. “Your Princess Serenity is not the greatest of confidants, she tells such wonderful stories about herself and all her friends.”

He had tricked her, but she was not mad, in fact she was happy that the Moon Princess had been listening when she had told her about the history of Mercury and Mariner Castle.  Of course she would have to scold her for spilling secrets; perhaps the Princess of the Moon would be assigned triple amounts of homework along with her other duties.
Princess Sarama walked along with Zoisite, and as they came upon the rolling green hill where Serenity and Endymion were,  she felt that perhaps there was some redeeming qualities of Earth, not many, but sometimes one is all you need.
Mercury's Intelligent Shine
So here is Sailor Mercury AKA Princess Mercury's take on having to CONSTANTLY go to Earth and chase after the Princess of the Moon.
This takes place in the PAST before all the girls were reincarnated on EARTH in Tokyo.
And again why could they girls have names in their past lives? It just seems rude, that they play such a big part, but their existence is made moot because of Serenity/Usagi/Sailor Moon.

In this Princess Mercury is more confident, and in no way shy. In her past life her vast intellect was praised and revered, on Mercury everyone is smart so there would be no reason for her to act at all like Ami does.

Sarama is the Vedic Cognate of Hermes
Symbols of Mercury AKA Hermes
Talaria = Winged Sandals
Lyre = a small Greek harp
Merope, Dryope, and Peitho were lovers of Hermes so I figure they could be lovers or friends of Princess Mercury.
Hydros and Nesoi are primordial deities that gave birth to the titans who in turn gave birth to the Olympian deities. 
Nesoi is the Goddess of Islands
Hydros is the god of Primordial Water

Sailor Venus and Zoisite are not mine and you KNOW IT!
Here is my boring low down of what I did for the DEV. year 2014

January --->…
February --->…
March --->… (Fanfiction)
April --->… (Fanfiction)
May --->…
June --->…
July --->…
August --->…
September --->…
October --->…
November --->…
December --->…

Sorry this wasn't done artistically, but to do that I would have to do it at work...which is a NO NO...and my PC at home sucks.


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A vague ether dream...swimming solitary in the acid of life.

A little about me

Age: OLD
Occupation: Analyst
Art Training: Self Taught.

And to all those who so easily sling critics; here is the skinny on me...if I work 58hr weeks THIS is normal. I do not have normal times to draw and I do it to relieve stress. So the next person who yaps at me about my characters LACK of anatomy righteousnesses I want to PERSONALLY say PPPPBBBBTTTTT....cause guess what the practice I would LOVE to put towards my character art is STOLEN by WORK! (I rarely get a break and when I DO it is only to shovel FOOD down my neck with out tasting it!)

You find Usagi's Brooch(the manga version) on the ground, you can feel the pure energy radiating off it. What do you do? 

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