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Sailor Yuuku Chapter 1 by TheAnomally
Sailor Yuuku Chapter 1
For :iconsenshiofeternity:

The meeting had been a warning, from the two most powerful warriors he knew. He could see fear in the faces of all the senshi gathered; his condition did not let him feel fear. There was a danger coming, and the right thing to do was investigate it and then deal with what ever would come next. Umare watched Talitha and Mara talk to one another, he observed the other girls converse worriedly with each other. He felt like such an outsider, he brought his hand up and ran his fingers over his eye patch, but despite that he would do his very best when the time came.
He found himself wandering around the crystalline city the next afternoon, he stopped and looked up at the clear blue sky with his good eye.

"Za za za." He started to hear very hushed at first.

He looked around, trying to find the origin of the hum. A flock of pigeons took to the air their wings snapping and flapping masking the buzz. The city birds circled wildly, then dogs began to howl and bark. The the wind from their wings raised hairs on Umareru's arm and car alarms nearby started to go off for no reason.

"Za za za." The hum was louder.

Umare are reached into his messenger bag and felt the smooth stone within the pewter setting; the pewter was textured, cold, and uneven.  In a flash he henshined into Sailor Yuuku the Rebel Senshi of Fear. He kneeled and raised his hands over his head and summoned his Fuankan Claymore, the zwei-hander sword. Through the flurry of grey feathers from the pigeons he spied a dark mark growing in the distance in the sky.

Picture made with pencil, inks, highlighters, sharpie, gel pens, and prismatic colored pencils.
Pose ref. from :iconsenshistock: ---> Tuxedo Jay with Sword 6 by SenshiStock
Sailor Ai 2016 by TheAnomally
Sailor Ai 2016
Little present for :iconthenekk: it's her character Sailor Ai AKA Talitha Suke. Little idea of what her practice bow would look like perhaps...the only thing I forgot was the arrow knocked...I realized this a couple days after I had inked it.(While I was coloring it...such a face palm moment.) I had a larger image on my Kindle...but the devil of a device won't allow me to do anything with it.(it is on the 'camera roll'...but that's as far as it goes.)

Made with Pencil, inks, and PrismaColored Pencils.
Pose Ref. from :iconsenshistock: ---> Archer Pack Preview [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock
Shi Senshi Chapter 1 by TheAnomally
Shi Senshi Chapter 1
The world was not right; it had not been in balance since Sailor Pluto reversed time to cover up her mistakes. Eons had passed but those attuned to the natural flow knew something was wrong. Autumn knew it, as did Paige, but life moved foreword. Time marched on, and soon new friends showed up, new senshi ready to take up the torch of goodness. Paige and Autumn set up an academy; to help, to teach the new and seasoned senshi useful skills. It was going well, but there had been no real tests in many years.
Autumn sat reading by the fire, she had read the same page at least five times. The combination of the music, and her psychic skills opened up her mind to see, and feel. She felt cold and saw an empty expanse of space.

"Something is coming." She thought.

The empty expanse was heavy, void of everything, yet brimming with everything. If she still breathed, she knew she would be feeling like she was being suffocated. She felt icy pressure threatening to crush every molecule in her body.

"It is coming." She thought again.

The darkness was not still, there was fluttering, and other movements. She felt sadness, calmness, pride, happiness, and even love. These were not her emotions, Autumn felt confusion, and trepidation. Out of the darkness a figure stepped forth, menacing and not of Earth, but Autumn only saw the swirling black holes threatening to draw them all in to their ends.
Autumn stood up and her tome crashed to the floor; she blinked and looked around her. The fire cracked and popped, and all around her her cats looked at her their fur puffed, they felt it too.

"It', they are coming." She said to them.

She closed her eyes and thought of her friends, and the young senshi, would they be ready for this?

"They'll have to be." She mumbled.

She headed outside and henshined, Shi Senshi crouched in her yard, her spear held in the crook of her left arm. She threw her senses out trying to come to grips with the new dangers about to alight on Earth.

Picture made with pencil, ink, and prismatic colored pencils. This is not a scan, it is a photo.
Pose Ref. from :iconsenshistock: ---> Sailor Sit + Kneel 18
I've finally drawn something!!! HA HA HA!!!
Tagged by :iconmisskeylara:


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1.) I am 40 years old.

2.) I work in a lab as an Environmental Analyst.(Specifically in the Metals lab)

3.) I have 5 cats and volunteer at a no kill cat shelter.

4.) My hair was purple and now it has faded to a combo pink auburn mess.

5.) I am left handed.

6.) I prefer winter over all the other seasons....GOOOOO SNOW!!

7.) I run 5Ks

8.) I hate cell phones...and yes I have one....and NO it is NOT at smart phone...YICK!

9.) I am a Phantasm PHAN...I have all the movies and replicated prop kill spheres on my dresser.

10.) I have a Bachelors Degree in Marine Biology with a Minor in Chemistry.

I tag:: :iconthenekk: :iconaricson: :iconsakuralisel: :iconnads6969: :iconhotaruthodt:

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A vague ether dream...swimming solitary in the acid of life.

A little about me

Age: OLD
Occupation: Analyst
Art Training: Self Taught.

And to all those who so easily sling critics; here is the skinny on me...if I work 58hr weeks THIS is normal. I do not have normal times to draw and I do it to relieve stress. So the next person who yaps at me about my characters LACK of anatomy righteousnesses I want to PERSONALLY say PPPPBBBBTTTTT....cause guess what the practice I would LOVE to put towards my character art is STOLEN by WORK! (I rarely get a break and when I DO it is only to shovel FOOD down my neck with out tasting it!)


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