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Usagi and Luna by Aricson
Very life like, even though Luna still looks very cartoonish. I like Usagi's stance and expression; It gives her a more tough edgier look. The blood moon and the Autumn leaves flowing around her transmit the essence of a more mature version of Usagi. Her clothing would give the impression of a girl who is a bit tomboyish, and maybe not such a glutton.(not with that stomach) I would say this Sailor Moon could fight youma no problem with out so much as a tear. Her face though is still a bit cherub-like, giving her a baby face, and not a youthful maiden though. Her moon emblem on her forehead is hard to see.
Over all an awesome look; it was a pleasure to see.!!!
:squee: CONTESTS - :squee:

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:iconsolarmiko: ---> Draw My Princess Nabi Contest (Deadline: March 30th 2015)
:iconthelostplanets: ---> Design a Senshi Contest (Deadline: June 13th 2015)
:iconmorphinefairy: ---> MINI-CONTEST! (Deadline: October 01, 2015)
:iconthe-mary-sue-club: ---> Mary Sue Contest Sailor Moon Rules (Deadline: Unknown)
:iconsenshiofeternity: ---> Upcoming 'Senshi of Eternity' Pageant! --->  (Starts: April 24th.) (Deadline: ?? )
:iconval4s-san: ---> Sailor Country Contest ---> (Deadline: Unknown)

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:icondead2: ---> Sailor Moon OC Calendar (Deadline: None stated.)
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Sailor Kama by TheAnomally
Sailor Kama
Started at work...will have to color and finish at home. This is Kyou AKA Sailor Kama. I wanted something unique and down to Earth since that is who Sailor Blue Rose Moon represents(Endymion's Earthy/Rose side), so her team needs to be Earth human based. So I decided on Chakra/or energy points located in all humans. So here is Senshi number six....representing Svadhisthana the Chakra point located on the groin/reproductive area. --->

Civilian Name-

Name: Omoi, Kyou  (Last, First)
Name means: Pleasure Heart
Age: She looks 15 but since the Silver Crystal extends everyone's lives she is well over 8 centuries old.
Hair: Pink
Style: Very long and worn in different styles depending on the day.
Skin: Cocoa.
Eyes: Gold.
Markings: She had a vast array of scars on her groin.


Kyou is a very friendly person; she is often seen blowing people kisses or winking at them. This does not mean she is easy or promiscuous! She is very easy going and likes to joke around with friends. Kyou is very creative when it comes to beauty; she makes her own clothes, soaps, shampoos...etc. She tends to beat out the new fashion trends by months, and when the trends are trendy she has moved on to something else. Kyou is exceptionally beautiful but it takes A LOT to get close to her.

The Senshi-

Sailor Kama
Title Means: Animal Passion
Power influence: Electricity/emotion.
Colors: Orange and Vermillion(Vibrant red)
Senshi hair: Her hair darkens in color, but it stays in the pink family.
Markings: She has an orange glowing symbol for Svadhisthana on her chest.


Collar: Orange that fades into Vermillion and then to white.
Body: Very short sleeved bodice lined in Orange with Vermillion orbs up the front. The skirt is separate with Vermillion orbs on the tops with a white cable attached to them. The skirt from top to bottom is white that fades into Orange and Vermillion and pleated.  She also has bands on her thighs in the same color scheme with orbs on them. All the spheres are connected to each other by stiff white cables. Her footwear is elegant orange stilettos with vermillion soles that have straps that go across the top of her feet as well as around her ankles. In the middle of the heel is an vermillion orb.
She also sports bands on her thumbs and ring fingers...same color scheme as the ones on her thighs.



E Spheres: Orange orbs she manifests; she hurls them at targets, and they stick to the person/youma. They do not come off easily, and they deliver a shock of emotions that zaps the person into instant overload. The orbs can also just simply explode on contact.


Kiss! She opens her hand and a glowing orb appears on it; she kisses it, and then blows the kiss at the target. The sphere flies off and sails at the enemy hitting them and exploding. This power can blind, confuse, as well as cause physical harm.

Kama!: She crosses her arms and splays her fingers; the E Spheres appear in the spaces between her digits; she then hurls them at the targets. The spheres stick the enemy and deliver a shock of electric emotion that stuns. 

PASSION PAIN!: She calls out the power name and charges the target; her orbs appear all around her. She then leaps into the air and hurls her weapons at the target. The Orbs deliver their charge, and then Sailor Kama lands digging into the enemy with her shoe heels; the orb on the footwear deliver a damaging internal shock that over loads the person. She can kill with this power.


Kyou was found in the Congo Jungle with 2 other girls by a couple that could not have kids; she was brought to Japan and raised in a loving household with other adopted children.

Full Body picture --->…

Sailor Kama is Mine
Sailor Moon world is Naoko's
Kouha AKA Prusagi is :iconnads6969:
Sailor Kama by TheAnomally
Sailor Kama
Here is Sailor Kama in her fuku. Her colors are orange and vermilion; she is the senshi of passion, and her mark is located on her groin area. She is from the Congo originally, but she was adopted and brought to Tokyo and raised with other adopted siblings. She follow Sailor Blue Rose Moon AKA Prusagi Tsukino AKA Princess Tenacity AKA Kouha.

More about her here --->…

Her teammates-

Sailor Blue Rose Moon -…
Sailor Euphony -…
Sailor Rosel -…
Sailor Aeolian -…

Sailor Moon is Naoko's
Sailor Blue Rose Moon is :iconnads6969:
Sailor Kama is mine.
Here is my boring low down of what I did for the DEV. year 2014

January --->…
February --->…
March --->… (Fanfiction)
April --->… (Fanfiction)
May --->…
June --->…
July --->…
August --->…
September --->…
October --->…
November --->…
December --->…

Sorry this wasn't done artistically, but to do that I would have to do it at work...which is a NO NO...and my PC at home sucks.


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A little about me

Age: OLD
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Art Training: Self Taught.

And to all those who so easily sling critics; here is the skinny on me...if I work 58hr weeks THIS is normal. I do not have normal times to draw and I do it to relieve stress. So the next person who yaps at me about my characters LACK of anatomy righteousnesses I want to PERSONALLY say PPPPBBBBTTTTT....cause guess what the practice I would LOVE to put towards my character art is STOLEN by WORK! (I rarely get a break and when I DO it is only to shovel FOOD down my neck with out tasting it!)


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