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-- An End? --

Two lone figures stood on what was left of the last planet in this Galaxy; the final battle between the foes had been so fierce that nothing living or inanimate was safe.  One figure was bathed in light, wearing pure white, her long snowy tresses waved in the power building up around her; she cast a long shadow on the terra. The other figure was cocooned in darkness, from her uniform to the frightening void that swirled all around her, she cast no shadow in the dying land.

       “I’ll stop you! I can’t give up!” The warrior in white cried at her foe.

Her foe showed no fear or emotion at the decree.

       “My friends…family…” The white clad woman wept openly. “All gone, because of YOU! Your EVIL ends HERE!!” She screamed and clasped her hands over her breast.

The mistress of the inkiness was not moved by the others accusations.

The energy around the warrior of light charged the air, and the light around her became brighter, she prayed to all the goodness in the world, she prayed on the souls of her friends, and lovers. As she did this her wand appeared and lengthened into a staff. The golden star on it and on her tiara glowed brightly, and intensified the shimmer all around her. Other powers of light in this world and on the other side joined with her. Her white light was joined by a prismatic splash of colors of all hues. Finally she let this final power go and it hit the dark woman engulfing her. When the attack was expended Sailor Cosmos fell backwards; her life force drained.

The brilliance dimmed, and the blackness remained. The other senshi finally moved, slowly she walked over to the others’ downed form.

Eyes of raw opal looked down and into those of sapphire blue; there was no malice in her gaze, only pity. “You still don’t understand.

       “Just kill me, so I can be with by friends again.” Sailor Cosmos huffed. “You win; you can destroy the Universe like you’ve always wanted to.”

Sailor Chaos shook her head. “I did not destroy this Galaxy; we did because you still do not understand.” She then sat down. “As for the Universe, it will grow and expand like always, some parts will flourish, and other parts will wilt and die.”  The void seemed to pulse outwards, but it got no bigger. “Which friends do you mean? The ones you had and sacrificed to become what you are now, or the ones from before?”

       “Just let me die.” Sailor Cosmos sighed, she was in no mood to by toyed with.

Chaos was unaffected by the other’s demands. “You say it like it is some sort of final end to everything. Is that how you see it now? Is that why you did what you did?

       “I didn’t want anyone to die; I just wanted everyone to be happy.” Cosmos looked away.

Chaos shook her head. “That is not the way of the Universe; you know that. Everything lives, and then dies, and returns to the ether.”

       “I just wanted…happiness forever.” Cosmos was unrelenting. “To be the light…in everyone’s life.”

Chaos looked grim. “You regained your light, but you did not truly understand the brilliance of it. You are like an earthen moth trying to embrace fire. Chaos placed her palm on Cosmos’s brow.

The senshi in white stiffened not at the touch, but at the memories. They flooded in, lives she had lived, and the grim ends. More tears flowed as she relieved in seconds several lifetimes; she felt her consciousness ebbing. The bleached haired senshi started to whimper.

Chaos talked as Cosmos suffered through her memories. “We tried to make you remember, but every life you failed to see beyond you. As a Star, Planet, and more, you made the same mistakes that led you back to similar ends.”  Chaos smiled. “You’ve always been stubborn; a little dense, afraid of the dark, and at the mercy of your emotions.”  The dark senshi then sighed.

Sailor Cosmos’s breaths came in gasps and hitches; she looked at Sailor Chaos, all at once she understood everything and nothing at all. Her mind could not process all that she had remembered, seen, and felt.

Chaos removed her hand and stood up. “Maybe this time you’ll get it, and balance will be restored, I am hopeful but the others not so much.” She sighed once more. “We are connected; two sides of the same coin, not opposites, but pieces that make a greater whole.” She looked off into the void she loved so dearly. “Please try to understand.”

The senshi clad in dark matter nodded and tendrils slithered out and wrapped around Sailor Cosmos; and in seconds the Senshi of Balance was no more. All that remained was an eight pointed star shaped prismatic crystal; Chaos held out her hand and let the gem hover over her palm for a moment. She then lifted it to the vastness of space and watched it as it flew off to return to the Galaxy Cauldron; she blew a kiss at it when it was just no more than a glint in the distance.

       “Do you really think she can heal herself? She’s lived so many lives, and still she is cuckolded by this whole good and evil nonsense.” A figure stated as she moved up behind Chaos.

Chaos nodded. “She is the youngest and has much to bear; she needs time, and guidance. Eventually she’ll understand again, and we will be aligned.” The senshi in dark colors looked out to the Universe. “She does not believe in herself, and that is why she lost her mind in the first place. We need to be patient, and hope she’ll realize in her heart who she really is meant to be.”

       “What do we do in the mean time?” The figure asked as she gestured to the four other figures standing near the void.

Chaos thought about it, and then came up with an idea.

She turned to the senshi behind her. “Gaia, tell the others I have a plan, and this time we’ll need everyone’s help. Perhaps together we can help her to find her way.”

Sailor Gaia the senshi of land nodded her lush red hair danced around her head; in a blink she was gone.

Chaos looks at the others standing near her Void. Tartarus, Eros, Erebus, Aether, come closer, here’s what we’ll do.”

Sailor Chaos conferred with the other senshi on ways to help Sailor Cosmos regain her mind. It would be an elaborate stage with happy endings, and sad dramatic middles. The stage was set in the far reaches of the Universe, on a small bumpkin planet called Earth, starring Sailor Cosmos reborn as Sailor Moon. Cosmos’s old family played their parts and left clues along the way wishing that this revolution of the wheel would be the last. They hoped that soon they would have Cosmos back to her old self, and the Universe would be healed once more.
An End?
Here is a little fanfiction staring the least known about senshi...

Sailor Chaos (whom we have never really seen and know little about.)
Sailor Cosmos (Whom we have seen and know very little about.)

Set before the Sailor Moon Universe begins...a battle between enemies? Or something more?

In greek mythology Chaos is the void...unpredictability...nothingness...and the start of everything...including the pantheon of all the gods/goddesses. Of Primordial Gods/Goddesses Chaos was the first then came -

1. Gaia(Land),  (female)
2. Tartarus(Underworld), (male)
3. Eros(Love, Passion, Procreation) (male)
4. Erebus(dark) (male)
5. Nyx (night) (female)
6. Aether(light) (male)
7. Hermera(day) (female)

In the Senshi-verse they are all female...cause YEA that's why!!

Cosmos has very little in the way of Mythology besides being the opposite of Chaos...there is not much else. Cosmos is the balance, the predictability, the order in the Universe sense.
In quest for order and balance in the Universe Sailor Cosmos strives to up hold only one part of her duties; a sort of ironing out of the universe which was never meant to be all the same type. So unable to bear the burden, fulfill her want, and duties she let her sorrow get the best of her and in order to deal she retreated into herself. Without balance the Universe and all it's guardians too start to come unhinged(Causing the Sailor Wars perhaps??)  Chaos allows Cosmos to be reborn to try to get her to see that life is not just all one way. The hope is that once she realizes this she will trigger her own evolution back to Sailor Cosmos. In order to help their sister, the other primordial will now help her on this next go about of Sailor Moon. The play is that they guide her through everything as players in the Sailor Moon Universe...things are not what they seem to be.

Chaos is well still Chaos watching over the scene.
Sailor Gaia is Naru and Nemesis(Death Phantom)
Sailor Erebus is Metallia
Sailor Tartarus is Pharaoh 90
Sailor Aether is Galaxia
Sailor Eros is Nehellena

The end game is simply this either she remembers and become Cosmos on her own(without any aide from allies or other senshi(since Sailor Moon can not seem to do anything without the power of her friends or a combo love upgrade with Endymion/Mamoru) or she is doomed to fail until she gets the final lesson which is this....

Chaos and Cosmos can not exist without one order for there to be balance there needs to be in-balance. You can not iron out everything and expect it to stay that way, nor can everyone in the universe live and act like one person wants them too. Our differences and unpredictability is what makes all of us special and what draws each of us together. We can not survive sanely in a white washed one way world. Ya know. 

I wrote this all in one day.
Venus Apple Hammer by TheAnomally
Venus Apple Hammer
Bored once more at work after getting everything done...and I constructed this...Sailor Venus's Apple Hammer

This is a heavy cudgel type weapon that she can hurl and hurt people who do not deserve her Love Power. The apple shaped part of the weapon is incredibly heavy and solid. She can just simply hit someone with it...OR she can use it like a hammer throw(like in the Olymipics) and strike at those a distance from her. The chains of the weapon are metal and heart shaped, on the sides of the first link(the blue one) are golden maple leaves. They are sharp and can cut flesh; the apple blossom a top of the apple is to make it look not so tough when in fact she can break faces with his tool. When spun around her real fast she can create a barrier that will amplify and reflect any attack that comes at her back at who ever is trying to harm her.
I had this in mind as a upgrade when Venus and Kunzite get together(like Usagi and they get new items fueled by their love...blah blah) Coming up with this idea was a little tougher than the others, since Venus mainly wields the Holy Moon Sword, she also has her Wink Chain Sword, and Kunzite too carries a blade. I went around to myths and found the Maple leaf and Apple are traditional symbols of the Goddess then I came up with this.

Made with the paint program on this PC.
Sailor Inanna by TheAnomally
Sailor Inanna

Sailor Inanna (named after the Sumerian Deity of Fertility, Love, and War.)


When Crystal Tokyo was not even a concept, but Sailor Chaos was a growing threat in the far reaches of the cosmos; the planet now known as Venus needed a guardian who was of true planetary blood. Created by the planet with the rise of the Queendom the holder of the fourth planet closest to the sun's true mission...

The Senshi-

NOTE: She has no civilian form...since for her guarding her world and being is a full time duty.

Name: She like all her family she has many names depending on the humans/beings and their cultures.
Age: Unknown but she looks as if she is only 18 years old.
Hair: Red with golden highlights
Hair Style: Long and wavy down to about her lower back. (Similair to Ninhursag’s style)

Eyes: Swirling pools of yellow, green, and orange.
Skin: Tanned
Height: 5’9”
Body: She is shapely.
Personality: She is very friendly and confident in herself and everything she does. She is intelligent and wise beyond books.

Dislikes: Cheaters, liars, dumb people, sexist, and ignorant people. She also REALLY despises over-achievers, and people who lie to themselves.(The kind who say they can easily live without friends, significant others, or contact with other people.)
Biological notes: She is not human...she is a humanoid created on the planet Venus. Her skin is tougher than human flesh. She does not bleed at all when cut; she gives off vapors of sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide. Internally she is made up of hot magma and carbon.
EXTRAS: She was created by the Planet of Venus. She tolerates the Moon following Planetary Senshi...they are only foolish humans after all. She lives on the Planet Venus in the new Palace of Inanna located on the the highest Monte on the Ishtar Terra

The Fuku-

Her fuku is classic in design, but also holds aspects only seen on primordial senshi(Chaos, Cosmos) fukus.

Tiara: None, a diamond shaped gem is embedded in her forehead, the gem is orange with a glowing yellow core.
Collar: Orange with yellow ruffles.
Choker: Orange with another diamond shaped gem with a yellow core in the center.
Gloves: Fingerless short gloves that are white with an orange border and yellow ruffles; they are held on by a studded ring on her middle fingers.
Bows: The uniform laces up on the sides with silky orange ribbons; that are tied into bows on her hips. She also sports a bow in the front over her lower stomach with a gem in the center of it.
Fuku body: One piece, strapless white with a blue border over the bust and down the sides. The sides are lace up, and the skirt is short orange with a blue border at the top and a yellow hem. At the sides holding the orange ribbons are yellow studding.

Brooches: None she just wears many gems.

Shoes: Thigh high lace up white stiletto boots with orange laces, blue borders,  and yellow studs.


Element: powers of the Second planet of the Sol. System. The planet known now as Venus

Henshin Yo!: None since she is rarely out of her warrior form.

She does not really have any attack shouts; she can control magma, and magnetism.

SIMPLE Attacks: Creates clouds of sulfuric acid to blind, suffocate, and repel enemies. She can also create sulfuric acid rain to chemically burn targets.

MEDIUM Attacks: She manifests a great orange gas cloud and summons lightening to stun, and demolish ememies. The clouds are made up of sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide; she can also use the clouds as an attack to blind, and harm.

LARGER Attacks:  She can create and release great jets of white hot magma made up of carbon, and sulfuric acid. She can shape the magma in to different forms depending on her mood.

Future Special Abilities:

Eventually she will gain a power that can reverse the flow of an attack and send it back at the wielder, much like her planet which rotates in retrograde on its’ axis.

Sailor Ninhursag (Earth) ---> Sailor Ninhursag
Sailor Enki (Mercury) ---> Sailor Enki
Sailor Ninurta (Mars) ---> Sailor Ninurta

Picture made with pencil, inks, and Prisma-Markers.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
When November 22nd comes to call I will have been a member for 11yrs...

What does your username mean?
Back in 1994 or 1995 I went to a small college in Georgia and we finally got internet ready PCs in the library ONLY. Besides research I joined the WBS(Webchat Broadcasting service) AKA chatrooms...and my handle was 'Anomally'(yes spelled wrong for a make it more of a oddity/rarity that it is spelled wrong) so as time went on more and more peeps started spelling it may way(before I could always own this handle.) So when I couldn't so readily anymore I slapped on 'The' since I feel I was the I am The one, The first,  The Original Anomally...aka TheAnomally

Describe yourself in three words.
Passionate, strong-willed, stubborn!!

Are you left or right handed?
Southpaw BABY!

What was your first deviation?
Uhhhh duuuhhhh....I dunno! *goes to find out* Apparently I joined then added nothing for nearly three years cause the earliest submission is this --->
Valentino Paladin by TheAnomally

What is your favourite type of art to create?
Poems and stories I am good with, I also sketch, but my people art needs more practice.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
MANGA from creating to coloring!

What was your first favourite?
...BRB....Paige and Autumn 01 by theNekk I think...OK OK I did not study for this questionnaire!!!

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Little bit of everything...

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Too many AWESOME artists on DA to pick just one...that is just ridiculous.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
:iconthenekk: since I have been acquainted with her since before Deviant-Art, (MOONLIGHT D RPG forever!!!) ...hmmm who else... :iconsakuralisel: another great artist and old RPG bud. :iconhotaruthodt: because her works are JAW dropping. maybe :icontubbums32: just to hear him play music.   Also :iconsakkysa: :iconsenshistock: :iconsoloretta: :iconsailor-serenity: pretty much everyone in my friends list... never can meet too many awesome artists.

I know :iconxr4t2: and :iconroopull: all too well and in person...LOL

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
All my DA friends have...for a moment as I look at their works new and old...I can escape this life for a moment...and smile if only for a second.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Pad, pencil, and colored pencils.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I mostly create in my papasan chair next to my art drawer...everything I do first comes in the form of pencil and paper whether it is a new sketch or a story idea...I scribble or sketch. Most of the time the TV is on...or my mother is talking. Stories I carry around with me and add on too when I can...

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Always the simpler times when the community was smaller and more personable...many things have change and the site is more not complex...but mechanical...impersonal...and so many people I know have left. oh well nothing ever remains the same and change comes sometimes for the good...and sometimes for the not so good.
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A vague ether dream...swimming solitary in the acid of life.

A little about me

Age: OLD
Occupation: Analyst
Art Training: Self Taught.

And to all those who so easily sling critics; here is the skinny on me...if I work 58hr weeks THIS is normal. I do not have normal times to draw and I do it to relieve stress. So the next person who yaps at me about my characters LACK of anatomy righteousnesses I want to PERSONALLY say PPPPBBBBTTTTT....cause guess what the practice I would LOVE to put towards my character art is STOLEN by WORK! (I rarely get a break and when I DO it is only to shovel FOOD down my neck with out tasting it!)


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